TenX Visa Cards are now live!


Get started with blockchain payments. Hold, send, and receive cryptocurrencies with TenX Wallet. All at your fingertips.

Supported cryptocurrencies
Supported Crypto

What TenX Wallet enables you to do

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Receive several cryptocurrencies; BTC, ETH and LTC are currently supported. More to follow.

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Send cryptocurrencies to other TenX Wallet users anywhere, for free.

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Pair with a TenX Visa Card and spend your cryptocurrency. In-store purchases, online shopping and cash withdrawal at the ATM that is on the Visa network. Pre-order your TenX Visa Card in the app.

Why you should choose our Wallet

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Ease of use

Send and receive crypto on the go with your TenX Wallet. Complete your transfers with a few simple taps. No more waiting days to receive your funds. You’ll receive your funds within the next business day.

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Track all expenses, transactions and purchases in real time. You can see all your detailed transaction history. Receive real time notifications when your card is used.

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Peace of mind

No expense is spared on security. 2-factor authentication (2FA) is enforced for all TenX users to keep accounts secure and protected. Fingerprint unlock feature is available on supported mobile devices.

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Control over card management

Should you lose your card, you can lock and secure it within the app, disabling both the chip and NFC. Unlock it again just as easily if you find it again.


How to get started

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1. Download

Download the TenX Wallet app. Create an account and set up 2-Factor Authentication.

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2. Load cryptocurrency

Load your Wallet with cryptocurrency. Order the TenX Visa Card within the app.

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3. Spend

Spend your cryptocurrency in the real world.

Frequently asked questions

Why is the in-app exchange rate different to the rate on XYZ exchange?
TenX applies a cryptocurrency-to-fiat exchange rate based on 2 factors.

Our engine queries a number of exchanges and bases the rate on the mid-market rate from these exchanges at the time of the transaction.
We also charge a small spread on the exchange rate to cover operational costs.

How do I sign up for a TenX Wallet?
First, download and install the app from the iOS or Android app stores. When you first run the app, you'll see this. Tap on "SIGN UP WITH EMAIL".

How do I set up 2FA?
Please refer to this article.

Pair the wallet and card to make the most of it

Redefine your travel spending by unlocking your spending potential with the TenX Visa Card. The instant card lock feature through the TenX app gives you the peace of mind. Harness the power of the blockchain. It’s the one card you’ll want to have as you travel the world.


Still unsure about getting into crypto?

We understand that learning about crypto can get confusing at first. Let us guide you in this journey.

Check out our Starter Guide to get a head start into the basic concepts of crypto.

Get started by downloading the TenX Wallet app

Ease of use | send and receive crypto on the go

Peace of mind | 2-factor authentication is enforced, and fingerprint lock is available.

Transparency | track all transactions in real time. Get notifications when your card is used.