TenX, Meet Mimo

Released on

Apr 9, 2021



New protocol, improved tools, and a dedicated community. Join Mimo and claim your tokens today.

The New Beginning

When TenX launched, it was at the height of many incredible projects in the cryptocurrency space. The community quickly became increasingly excited about TenX’s unique ability to allow crypto transactions anywhere using a card.

While this feature was progressive and helped bring Sound Money to thousands of people, it didn’t capture the purpose of Decentralized Finance we were working to innovate on top of.

In comes Mimo. With some of the same team we know and love from TenX along with key additions to the staff, we were finally able to focus our skills and efforts toward a more valuable goal. We’ll get more into this in a moment.

There’s plenty we learned from TenX and still much of its incredible foundational technology implemented in Mimo today.

And of course, any supporters of TenX and everyone who was with us in the beginning will have an incredible opportunity to benefit from Mimo’s launch as well. Please read on to learn more.

Welcome, Mimo

If you’re still unfamiliar with Mimo, now’s the time to get yourself acquainted with it. Mimo has grown to over €20,000,000 TVL in a matter of weeks and brings some exciting new features to the DeFi space.

We record our TVL in Euro because PAR is our Euro-pegged coin. Mimo brings the world’s first stable token algorithmically pegged to the euro and minting it is simpler than ever just by minting against ETH,BTC or USDC.

This also makes PAR the first fully decentralized stable token of its kind.

In addition to the stablecoin, Mimo brings minting, liquidity mining, and other DeFi features in an easy-to-understand suite of apps.

For more details on opening a vault, minting, staking LP tokens, and all methods that allow for easy Mimo token mining, check out Mimo’s blog here.

The TenX Community

To our community, we truly appreciate you and your patience, and we would like to continue our journey together, for that you can claim your Mimo Token by following this simple process.

Claiming MIMO from PAY/TENX
We’re offering easy claiming of MIMO tokens for PAY & TENX holders.

To claim your MIMO tokens, navigate to https://claim.mimo.capital/

From there, you can connect your wallet and may claim MIMO tokens if you hold PAY or TENX tokens on the snapshot date of the first of April 10 am SG time block 12150805.

The Claiming distribution looks like this:
Addresses holding PAY on April 1 receive 0.24 MIMO per PAY

Addresses holding TENX on April 1 receive 0.37 MIMO per TENX

Any addresses that were part of the Dec 2018 PAY snapshot, but did not claim their TENX tokens receive 0.37 MIMO per unclaimed TENX token.

Any address that ever held TENX (even if 0 today) receives 0.24 MIMO per unclaimed PAY reward.

The MIMO governance token is also being distributed to minters of PAR and LP miners which you can read more about here.

Where Does TenX Go From Here

While the TenX community has been actively anticipating and pontificating around our latest project in many of our channels and communities, these platforms will be retired in the coming months.

Focusing all our efforts on Mimo has not only been rewarding for the team here and the supporters of the new project, but also poises the entire TenX community for success as well. Because of this, Mimo will not continue to support any old tokens related to TenX other than claiming for MIMO

As our CEO says: “Users of the platform - must own the platform.” We remain true to this sentiment as anyone who owned TenX, now owns MIMO. Mimo is the future and continues to bring Sound Money to the world with a brand new product and innovative features at the core of our rebirth.

The Mimo Community

In only 4 months, the Mimo community has grown to dozens of thousands of people who all help make up our €20MM TVL.

We’re privileged to have such a passionate and loyal community. We do not take that for granted. Our entire organization wants nothing more than to deliver a product that makes you proud.

Our community has been extremely supportive of Mimo through our Telegram and Twitter channels and we’re excited to welcome the TenX community into this mix as well.

Next Steps

While Mimo continues to grow, TenX channels will continue to be deprecated. Please Focus your community contributions to Mimo in Telegram and ensure to claim your MIMO token.

  1. Join Mimo’s group on Telegram
  2. Claim your MIMO token (if holding PAY or TENX)