Sunsetting our TenX services

Released on

Jan 12, 2021

Dear Community,

Following our announcement last month about reorganizing our services, we are writing to remind you that we will be sunsetting our TenX services soon.
New sign-ups and deposits have been disabled, and even though your funds remain safe, we encourage you to withdraw your funds from your TenX Wallet at your earliest convenience.

From 01 April 2021, withdrawal and storage fees will be charged to your account while you hold a positive balance in any of your TenX wallets. Please note that withdrawals made through the app from now until 31 Mar 2021 will not incur any fees.

The fees are as follows:

Storage fee: USD 7.50 per month for every cryptocurrency wallet with positive balance
Withdrawal fee: BTC (0.001), ETH (0.025), LTC (0.220)

Please note that If your account does not currently have any funds nor is pending any refunds for TenX cards, you do not have to do anything and your account will automatically be closed.

This is not goodbye; and we want to thank you for your support along the way and helping us build an incredible community of visionaries who are committed to the future of sound money.

If you have any questions about transferring your funds or the upcoming fee structure, our Customer Support team is always ready to help.

From all of us here at TenX, thank you for being a valued client and supporter of TenX and our services. We will be serving you once again, very soon.

Committed to you,
TenX Team