Moving from Rocket Chat to the TenX Forum

Released on

Apr 29, 2020


Mike Ferrer, Thomas Reinhardt

Hi community!

We have decided to close Rocket Chat and replace it with the Community Forum that was launched last year. You can read about that announcement and rationale here. Since the beginning of our engagement with the community, we have used chat platforms to communicate directly with all of you and be right where the action is. However, over time we have come to realise that it is in fact quite challenging to sustain as we continue to scale and expand the business.

The reality is, tending to an always-on instant communication platform/chatroom is resource intensive on our team, as there are expectations to be responding 24/7, instantly. This may have been the norm and expectation during the ICO days but over time as things settled, we have looked to platforms that could facilitate permanent discussions as opposed to transient ones in the fast-paced environment of chat rooms.

We believe that building the community for the long term is better suited through the Community Forum and through social media channels where we can devote more of our efforts to reach out and help a larger group of people, especially newer folks who are getting into crypto for the very first time. Through this blog post, we would like to share with you our reasons and thoughts behind the decision.

A single platform for the community

The community has evolved and matured since the hype and heydays of 2017, yet the number of platforms and ways to interact with one another has also increased. We believe that to effectively build a community over time, we shouldn’t split the community across too many platforms.

For example, we’ve organised the community by language, as we have a sizable German-speaking community who may prefer certain platforms over others. With that in mind, we believe that we have an opportunity to organise the community in a way that can cater to different discussion points, interests and languages, all within a single platform that is preserved and searchable throughout the passage of time. It will be a place where we can sustainably grow and build our community together.

The forum allows us to preserve community memory

We believe that instant messaging alone and an expectation of instant communication isn’t the best way to build long-lasting communities. When it comes to building communities of scale, we believe that forums, with discussions broken down into logical topic areas and long-form content stored for a long time and distribution, allow for knowledge to be saved and information disseminated more efficiently to the community.

We feel it makes sense that we capture and save our own institutional memory of who we are as a community in a forum that we can truly call our home. We want a repository that we inherently own, that will stand the test of time (so to speak), where we can have our memes and culture saved and stored through the passage of time.

The forum helps us understand you better

There are obvious advantages to not having to rely on “borrowed platforms” like social media or Reddit. With the TenX Community Forum, we will have full ownership and visibility over key metrics that can measure community health, engagement, and retention. This helps us better understand you and continue producing and curating content that you’d like to see as part of the community.

Feedback from you will be kept and is available for us at any time. This will also help us to get a clearer picture of what features you want and how in-demand they are.

The same goes for the features we have released. Your feedback will always be recorded and shared with our developers and product team. This new format will allow us to better facilitate discussions and share feedback from the community to the teams working to build better products and services at TenX. Sharing an active forum thread, with a link, historical context, ability to reply/quote is a lot easier to share with developers than a screenshot of a chat conversation for sure!

The forum provides lots of possibilities

Although the concept of a forum is old school, our TenX Community Forum platform is powered by Discourse, a solution favoured by many tech and blockchain communities that have recognised the importance of what we discussed earlier. Check out their website and feature list to learn more about what it has to offer.

What’s next?

We will keep the chat open for the next two days after publishing this blog post. For those of you who are active and send messages to one another personally, there will be enough time to exchange information with one another.

We will then place the chat rooms in read-only mode so that the announcement of this transition will be highlighted. One week after this blog post, we will retire the Rocket Chat server and have the old domain redirect to the Forum.

Thank you!

From Slack to Riot Chat and finally Rocket Chat, we thank you for your active participation in the community. Although it will take some getting used to, we believe that you will find the transition to the Forum a lot more conducive for preserving topics and discussions amongst a wider audience. We hope that you’ll enjoy your new home, with many fruitful discussions to come with your fellow community members, and we look forward to hearing more from you as we take TenX to the next level together.

See you at the TenX Community Forum!

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