Leadership Change

Released on

Jul 1, 2020

Our industry is maturing and TenX is growing into a well-established business. At the same time, the world is undergoing dramatic changes both socially and economically. We believe that these changes will bring hundreds of millions of new users into our industry. TenX’s strategy is to position ourselves with one leg solidly in the crypto industry and the other leg being a fully regulated financial institution. This strategy is bearing fruit and will allow us to uniquely cater to these new users who are looking for safe and secure ways of using crypto.

We are committed to taking TenX to the next level for the remaining half of the year. To ensure that we are putting our team’s combined expertise to the best use, we have reviewed our Executive Team structure and are excited to share the leadership change with you.

Claude Eguienta will be taking on the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at TenX. Toby Hoenisch, who has been Co-Founder and CEO since the founding of the company in 2015, will lead our financial operations as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). He also maintains his role as the Chairman of the Executive Board.

This leadership change will allow both Toby and Claude to take on positions that best fit their respective capabilities: Toby’s expertise lies with the financial and crypto-specific aspects of the business, and Claude brings with him a wealth of experience deriving not only from the crypto industry but also from running a company that has attained licenses in multiple countries.

From all of us at TenX, thank you for your support.

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