Introducing dark theme, simplified signing up, and more

Released on

Jun 5, 2020


Sarah Goh

The TenX app version 3.20.0, now available on the Apple Store and Google Play, features significant improvements that the community has been waiting for plus more under-the-hood enhancements. Here are some notable changes:

Dark theme

You now have the option to toggle between using the TenX app in dark theme and light theme. (Cue: Hello darkness, my old friend.) Simply go to the settings menu, where you can make your App theme selection.

A third option exists for certain users: Automatic theme detects your phone settings and bases the theme of the TenX app accordingly. This way, you will always be using the app in a visually consistent manner.


Simpler sign-up and login

It is now even easier for new and existing users to sign up for and log in to their TenX accounts. Just tap Get Started.

Complete rollout of the new app design

We have now completely rolled out the new design that makes buying, sending, and spending crypto a walk in the park. Know someone who is interested in getting into crypto? Invite a friend to TenX via your personal link in the menu!

Download the latest TenX app.