Our Team

Our team has a wide experience in deep tech, AI, blockchain R&D, marketing and business operations.

Toby Hoenisch
Co-Founder & CEO
Paul Kittiwongsunthorn
Co-Founder and CDO
Michael Sperk
Co-Founder and Engineering Lead
Alvin Jiang
VP Engineering and Product
Ali Khalilvandi
Senior Software Engineer
Angel Coco Chen
Software Developer
Anh Trinh
Software Engineer
Audy Tanudjaja
Software Engineer
Eyal Kalderon
Software Engineer
Florian Peter
Software Engineer - Data Science
Jeff Gan
Software Engineer
Karthik Ravikanti
Senior Software Engineer
Kevin Hong
IT Specialist
Martijn Buurman
Senior Software Engineer
Mauro Lopes
Senior Software Engineer
Michael Francis
Software Engineer
Sarfaraz Nawaz
Senior Software Engineer
Sean Smith
Software Engineer
Steven Kearns
QA Manager
Tyler Richie
Senior Software Engineer
Wesley Chong
Software Engineer
Xiang Fei Ding
Software Engineer
Yos Riady
Software Engineer
Yi Ying Nge
Team Assistant
Product Management and Design
Andric Tham
Product Manager
Heather Boa Min
Senior Product Designer
Ingvar Kainoa
Senior Product Designer
Cherry Vergel de Dios
Product Manager, Payments
Kael Foo
Product Manager
Rasa Salakij
Graphic Designer
Compliance, Legal and Risk
Yana Afanasieva
Chief Compliance Officer
Barry Koh
Head of Legal
Darren Chye
Legal Counsel
Desmond Loo
Legal Officer
Leonardo Augusto da Rosa e Oliveira
Senior Risk Analyst
Marta Michalewska
AML Compliance Specialist
Tianze Zhang
Research Analyst
Community, Marketing & Communications
Mike Ferrer
Head of Community Management
Joshua Rankin
Community Manager
Bom Nitaz
Media Production Specialist
Stefan Shumski
Video & Animation Specialist
Sarah Goh
Content Strategist
German Community, Marketing & Communications
Patricia Zinnecker
Head of German Community, Marketing & Communications
Ewald Serafini
German and Italian Community Management Lead
Fabian Mahnke
Tech Support & Online Marketing
Lisa Friedrich
German Assistant to Management
Ruben Starman
Social Media Content & Design
Customer Support
Joel Koh
Head of Customer Support
Brendon van Essen
Support Engineer
Jonathan Garcia
Customer Success Manager
Tiffany Shu
Customer Success Manager
People Operations
Lisa Ong
People Operations Specialist
Royce Lim
Claire Ching
Senior People Operations Specialist
Sabrina Katherine Jaksa
VP People Operations
Warren Goh
VP Market Expansion
Christina Wu
Executive Assistant
Paige Lim
Space Manager
Qingxiang Toh
Corporate Planning Specialist
Samantha Teo
Executive Assistant
Chloe Lehmann
Internal Auditor
Cheryl Chua
Payment Operations Analyst
Dea Maria Tota
Assistant Accountant
Pin Xian Ho
Roszilah Jaapar
Financial Controller
Siew Cheng Ng
Assistant Accountant
Zhang Xiaoyu
Senior Financial Analyst
Research and Development
Franck Royer
Senior Crypto Engineer
Lloyd Fournier
Software Engineer - Blockchain in Research and Development
Lucas Soriano del Pino
Junior Software Engineer
Phillipp Hoenisch
Research Lead
Thomas Eizinger
Research Engineer