TenX Milestones

Our past achievements, present focus and future milestones.

Our goal
Make cryptocurrencies spendable anytime, anywhere
Upcoming milestones

Expand services across Asia Pacific ◆
Support for new cryptocurrencies ◆
Implementation of PAY Token utility ◆
Relaunching the TenX Cards in the European Economic Area◆
Implementation of a referral system ◆
Several updates on our app ◆

Jun 2019

First issuance of TENX Tokens ◆
First TENX Token rewards distribution ◆

May 2019

Launch of TenX Community Forum ◆
Attained E-Money License ◆

Apr 2019

TENX Token launched for testing on Rinkby testnet ◆
More app improvements - for general usability, transaction history, and performance ◆

Mar 2019

Account Verification Improvements - expanded ID support for many national ID cards ◆
TenX services open for eligible customers in Asia Pacific ◆
TENX Token claims open ◆

Feb 2019

Scaling up and smoothening Compliance to handle Account Verification (KYC) ◆
TenX services open for eligible customers in Asia Pacific ◆

Jan 2019

TenX Card launches - Singapore residents may apply! ◆

Dec 2018

◆ TenX Wallet app migration to React Native
◆ New TENX rewards token announced
◆ Snapshot taken for TENX rewards token issuance
◆ First TenX Cards shipped to Singapore
◆ World's first ERC-20 to Lightning atomic swap by CoBloX

Oct 2018

◆ TenX Card testing

Aug 2018

◆ Branding refresh and launch of the new TenX website
◆ Final card design approved by Issuer

Jul 2018

◆ Finalised integration of new KYC providers
◆ TenX Wallet app changes and readiness for cards to go live

Jun 2018

◆ VP Finance hired and onboarded
◆ First on-chain atomic swap between BTC and ETH on COMIT by CoBloX R&D team
◆ BIN number confirmed

May 2018

◆ 2FA enforced for all TenX users
◆ TenX PAY token listed on Bithumb exchange

Apr 2018

◆ CoBloX R&D lab officially established in Sydney, Australia
◆ Partnership with Litecoin foundation and co-branded card

Mar 2018

◆ Support for new cryptocurrency: Litecoin

Jan 2018

◆ Changing card issuer (card temporarily unavailable)

Dec 2017

Support for new cryptocurrency: Ether ◆

Oct 2017

Scaling card production in Europe ◆

Jun 2017

TenX Card live in Europe ◆

May 2017

Published TenX whitepaper ◆

Mar 2017

Published COMIT whitepaper ◆

Jan 2017

Seed round investment ◆

Oct 2016

◆ Scaling card backend and shipping process

Sep 2016

◆ TenX (OneBit) card rolled out in Singapore

Jun 2016

◆ Testing card in Singapore (OneBit)

Apr 2016

◆ PayPal Innovation Lab in Singapore

Nov 2015

First card issuer in Singapore signed (OneBit) ◆

Jul 2015

First working prototype ◆

Jun 2015

TenX was founded ◆

Mar 2015

Our journey to make cryptocurrencies spendable begins ◆