TenX Bug Bounty Programme

Please take note of the below eligibility requirements before making your submission.

Bug Bounty scope includes:

  • iOS and Android wallet app
  • API at getonebit.com
  • tenx.tech website (severe bugs only, please refer to exclusion list below for details)


We urge submitters to:

  • Give us reasonable amount of time to close any submitted vulnerabilities.
  • Not use any other channel to submit vulnerabilities other than the method described below.
  • Not damage any TenX users or TenX itself, and not disclose any data found during the process of discovery.


In order to be eligible for rewards the following conditions must first be met:

  1. Vulnerabilities must be encrypted using our PGP Public Key
  2. The security vulnerabilities have to be applicable in a real world attack scenario.
  3. The vulnerability has to be demonstrated to our team in a comprehensible/reproducible way.
  4. The vulnerability may not be published until it has been patched, and you have obtained permission from TenX.

The following Table is an estimate for reward amounts (depending on the severity, we might pay out higher rewards):

Please submit details of your discovered vulnerabilities, encrypted, to the TenX Security Team at: bugbounty@tenx.tech


Every security vulnerability submitted that results in a fix on our side will receive a monetary reward based on the below table. These rewards will be paid in the equivalent value of Bitcoin. If your report is deemed eligible, you will be contacted to provide further details.

Terms & Conditions

By making any submission of any information or content to bugbounty@tenx.tech and/or participating in any other form or manner in the TenX Bug Bounty Program as referred to above (the “Participation”):

(a) you agree that each of TenX Pte. Ltd. and its related corporations (as defined in the Companies Act (Cap. 50) of Singapore) shall own all intellectual property rights to all of the information or content provided by you in connection with your Participation; and

(b) you represent and warrant that your Participation and the foregoing agreement do not result in any infringement or breach (whether indirectly or directly, or in any form or manner) of intellectual property rights of any other person to any part of the information or content provided by you in connection with your Participation to any extent.