🆕 What's new: TenX app version 3.15.4

Released on

Dec 19, 2019


Sarah Goh

German language support for the TenX app

In addition to English and Thai, the latest app now supports the German language natively. To use the app in German, simply go to Language > Deutsch in the main menu. Prost!

Monthly statement of your transactions

Newly introduced to the TenX app is the Monthly Statement feature which gives you a month by month overview of all your transactions in the TenX Wallet and Card.

How it works: Tap on each month's download button ↓ to get the statement sent straight to your email. 📥

Improved push notifications

This update brings you improved push notifications for transactions such as incoming transfers and TenX Card payments. Spot the differences and let us know what you think! 🔍

⚠️ Pro tip: It is best practice to always allowing push notifications on the TenX app so that you can be notified of any incoming and, especially, outgoing transactions.

Improved card page

We hope you like the cleaner and sleeker card page in your app. Aesthetic changes aside, we've added elements such as your primary wallet balance (as well as the ability to change your primary wallet) and made it easier for you to view your card pin when needed.

The TenX app version 3.15.0 is now up in the Google Play and App Store. You will automatically be upgraded to version 3.15.4 through an OTA update once you open the app.

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