PAY Token Masterpost

Released on

Dec 20, 2019

Learn about the PAY Token structure, original pre-token sale whitepaper, latest supplementary whitepaper and more.

About the PAY Token

The PAY Token is intended to function as a utility token and an integral part of the TenX ecosystem. The proposed functions would enable holders to:

(a) accept, hold or transfer the PAY Token with the TenX Wallet (as a virtual currency supported by the TenX Wallet); and

(b) use the PAY Token for fee payment for certain uses of TenX services.

In addition, the PAY Token is also intended to be the form of rewards for holders of the TENX Token.

Up-to-date TenX Whitepaper

Published on 1 October 2019, this whitepaper contains the latest updates on the TenX Vision and Mission and our long-term plans for the PAY and TENX Tokens. This whitepaper is relevant to all token holders.

To view the whitepaper and quarterly transparency reports, visit the Reports page on our website.

Archived Whitepapers

These archived whitepapers are relevant only to token holders who participated in the token sale and are still holding the token sale PAY Tokens:

History of the 2017 PAY Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

On the 24th of June, 2017, TenX completed one of the biggest and most rapidly funded initial token sales to date, having sold around 100 million PAY tokens and received 80 million USD worth of cryptocurrencies in 7 minutes.

TenX is one of the few companies which has conducted a token sale while having a working product and an existing global user base. TenX has set the standard for a well-executed token sale. During the token sale, we accepted one of the most diverse range of coins and tokens any company has ever accepted, with Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Dash and 18 different ERC20s.

For more information on the PAY Token, visit the Reports page on the TenX website.